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Cyclone In Cairns

The wet season this year is predicted to start early and with a high chance of cyclones and lots of rain.

Small steps now can ensure you get through this season safely, and with little damage to your garden.


With a high likelihood of lots of rain this year, the chances of your garden becoming waterlogged or even ruined are high. Perosa Landscaping can create drainage systems in your garden that will ensure any excess water is drained away from vulnerable garden or lawn areas.

Garden clean up and rubbish removal

Most insurance claims from a cyclone occur due to flying debris. With our qualified crew, professional tools and two ton tipper truck, we can take on any job, big or small. We clean your yard and check all the plants and bushes. We remove all dead, rotten or weak timber. We check all the drains and clean them if needed. We can also remove builders rubbish or any other debris.

Tree and bush pruning

When there are heavy winds it's best to have a bit of distance between your house and the nearest vegetation. This can save your gutters and roof. We can assess where your house is at risk, and deal with these problem areas to protect your home.

High pressure cleaning

Rain and humidity can cause a slippery film of mould, mildew, algae and fungus to develop over your paving, driveway and other structures. This can be a dangerous slip hazard, and can contribute to rotting and deterioration of the surfaces. High pressure cleaning can remove this dangerous film, restoring its original look and feel. Not only will you be walking safer, but the structures and surfaces cleaned will be protected from rotting and breakdown. They look great after a professional high pressure clean too!