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Landscaping Services

The services I provide are:


Just a small pathway around the house, bricks or tailes around the pool or the whole driveway, paved in sand or in concrete, anything is posible. We can remove the old paving for you and do all the groundwork, or you can do it yourself to save some money...

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Building a strong and straight fence can be a hard job sometimes, not for us! Boundry fencing or a beautifull timber fence door, or the fencing under a lowset queenslander or even a higset queenslander, just call for a free quote. Look in the gallery for foto's from fences we build...

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A nice deck around the pool makes a big difference and it adds value to your property straight away. Even just a deck in the patio to sit in the shade makes a hugh difference. Or maybe a walkway through the garden for a nice walk after a hard days work. From straight forward to difficult, we'll do it...

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Retaining walls

A retaining wall from brigs or maybe a timber one, we build them to a maximum of 120cm high. Quality retainingwall on a strong concrete slab, with drainage and gravel backfill so they last. Just ring me if you need advice...

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If you need new turf or maybe just a bit extra next to the excisting lawn. On a slope or just on the flat. Turf is instant result. In the morning there is nothing, and when we leave after we did the job to your satisfaction, you will have a beautifull green carpet in your garden. After two weeks it's strong enough to play on...

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If you don't like the maintenance that is involved with lawn, choose for gravel. It looks great and with a few plants or ornaments it gives a realy relaxing vibe. Create yourself a bit of Japan in your backyard...

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Everything grows so quick in the tropics, we can help you with a big prune every few months or just once a year...

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Garden clean up

Is the garden a mess or are you going on a holiday and you need someone to look after your garden. And off course before the cyclone-season starts next year a good clean up is nescessary...

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Tree pruning

Braches overhanging the house, removing all dead wood, big hangers, removal of the lowest braches so we 'lift up' the tree, or we take the head out because the tree is to big... If you don't know what to do with a tree in your garden just ring us and you will get professional advice.

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Tree removal

Is the tree a hazard to yourself or someone else, or is it starting to die, we can all so do the whole tree removal...

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Coconut de-nutting

Coconuts are beautifull, but not if they fall on your head! Denut your coconuts every 6 months so there will be no accidents...

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If you don't have time to maintain your garden or if you just hate it, or maybe you don't want to mow the lawn but do the rest yourself..

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